Refund policy

When you place an order with us, you are making an offer to buy goods or services. We will collect your delivery address and other relevant details for your order at checkout. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are inclusive of GST.
We reserve the right to limit the number of items that our customers may purchase in a single transaction.
When we send you an e-mail to confirm that we have received and accepted your order, this indicates that your order has been accepted and you may not cancel it. We will take payment from you when we accept your order.
We may make products available for pre-order from time to time. Where available, you may secure a pre-order by placing a non-refundable deposit and providing us with your contact details. Full payment is required within 14 days of notifying you the product is ready for delivery. If full payment is not made when due, you will forfeit the pre-order and your deposit.
Any stated product release date on the website is an indication only. The actual release date will be dependent on the manufacturer and other factors outside our control.
We may make available on the website third-party lay-by payment facility services (such as Afterpay) from time to time. Those services are not a service provided by Brothers Hobby and are subject to their own terms and conditions between you and the relevant third party. We make this available for your convenience only. We are not responsible for any third-party payment services, nor do we provide any endorsement as to its suitability, or any representations or warranties to you in relation to the providers and payment services.

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